Maria Celeste Meoli

Maria Celeste Meoli graduated with a degree in medieval art. She then worked in art galleries and museums before joining the adjusting profession in 2011. She has lived in Greece and has good spoken and written Greek language skills. She is experienced in fine art and HNW claims and in Italian market procedures for recoveries.

Giovanni Gonella

Giovanni Gonella studied as a mechanical engineer and worked on research in the construction industry before entering adjusting in 1992. He has many years’ experience as a generalist in handling property and liability claims, but specialises in specie and high net worth. He is familiar with the style of the domestic Italian market, but works mainly for London based and international insurers. He handles claims and surveys throughout Italy and on the Côte d’Azur.

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Ismael Bienvenido Fernandez

Ismael Bienvenido Fernandez has 6 years’ experience in loss adjusting for claims involving HNW, fine art and in high value storage as well as jewellers’ block and industrial surveying. Ismael handles claims in Spanish and English and has completed projects for insurers and coverholders in the UK, France, Spain, Portugal, Belgium, Greece, Switzerland, Malta, The Netherlands and Lebanon. He travels frequently throughout the Mediterranean basin.

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Martin Barnett

Martin Barnett is an ex Hong Kong police inspector and an ex–parachute regiment captain and has over 20 years’ experience in security surveys and loss adjusting for banking, cash in transit and jewellers’ block. He specialises in high value sites and developing market risks. He has been vetted by the UK Home Office for auditing the sensitive banking sites. He also specialises in tiger kidnap avoidance planning & response training. He has worked in over eighty countries throughout his career.

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Philippe de Clinchamps

Philippe de Clinchamps has over 40 years’ experience in HNW claims and surveys. He works throughout France and has deep knowledge of older patrimonies, their construction and also of French market recovery procedures.

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Keith Allen

Keith Allen has worked in the insurance industry for 44 years, for Prudential, then Crawford for 20 years as general manager and then Cunningham Lindsey for 7 years as general manager before coming to S.W. Associates. qualified to a FCII standard, he has been living and working in France for 40 years. He adjusts CAR, EAR and industrial claims.

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Lewis Bertenshaw

Lewis Bertenshaw previously worked as a corporate actions analyst in the banking industry and so has a keen interest in BBB (Bankers’ Blanket Bond) work. He is also experienced in jewellers’ block claims for luxury retailers and HNW clients. His languages include English, French and Portuguese.

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Patricia Mignon

Patricia Mignon has 15 years’ experience in general insurance and 12 years’ experience as an adjuster. Patricia specialises in commercial and industrial claims, working closely with local coverholders and London market insurers. She has experience pursuing recoveries through French procedures and has worked with numerous VIPs throughout her career.

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Fabrice Mignon

Fabrice Mignon is a graduate of Université Aix III and Université Bordeaux Talence and has 20 years’ of experience working as a loss adjuster, specialising in high net worth (HNW), property and industrial claims. He is also a highly experienced surveyor, who completes risk audits including jewellers’ block and maintains good links to installers of physical and electrical protections.

Nelly Legay

Nelly Legay works in the Paris office as the Administrative and Contracts Manager. She has been with the company from the start and is experienced in desk top claims handling and managing claims bordereau. She is in charge of French-English translating and proof reading and specialises in online research.

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