• Risk surveys of sites or procedures.
  • Supply or source specialist contractors.
  • Due diligence risk management audits of associate companies.
  • Training, information and auditing SOPs.

Exhibition organisers

  • Risk surveys : in the Grand Palais Paris, the Ducal palace in Venice and the Imperial City, Beijing, Winter Palace St Petersburg.
  • Due diligence risk management audits to check information provided or presentations from third parties or service contractors.
  • Training of staff or individuals, including for transports.
  • Establish, inform and follow up compliance with SOPs.

High net worth managers

  • Confidential risk audits with perception of wealthy clients’ requirements.
  • Risk management for new locations, events or projects.
  • Training & awareness information of staff and families.
  • Bespoke assistance for urgent jobs.


  • Due diligence risk management audits.
  • Risk appraisals of sites or projects. We regularly review the security and procedures of projects for luxury blue chips : from what level should we insure.
  • Training & future protections for high value or high risk sites.
  • Follow up compliance with SOPs to ensure they are a) workable and b) followed.

Risk Managers

  • Investigation & resolution of inventory shrinkages.
  • Security recommendations for new projects.
  • Guidelines for events.
  • Adequacy of equipment c/f increased values at risk.

Insurers and reinsurers

  • Loss adjusting : property, casualty, assistance with insured & reinsured losses, appraisal of potential claims.
  • Site surveys or desktop studies of isolated locations, if visits would be uneconomic.
  • Recoveries by confirming facts, liaison with all parties, searching rapid resolution. We have qualified and experienced staff for different procedures and jurisdictions.
  • Training & future protections, with follow-up of recommendations & Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) if required.
  • We can review cedants’ procedures diplomatically and positively.
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